Calling All Parents! KidsFit Classes Are Here!

Healthy habits and an active lifestyle start young. 

Kidsfit is a great start for your little-ones long and healthy life.


Kids Ages 2-11yr

Healthy habits and behaviors start early. 35% of children 10-17 years of age are obese or overweight. Children who participate in exercise at an early age have a better chance of leading a more active lifestyle as young adults. Previously, schools would provide children with adequate activity. However many schools are shortening recess periods and eliminating physical education, in favor of more academic activities. The State of California only requires schools to provide 100 minutes per week of physical education. Less than 2 hours per week, or 20 minutes per day. The responsibility is truly on the parents to get their kids active.  



The sports alternative

We love sports and competition! They are a great way to build teamwork, and keep your kids active. Early specialization in sports is not without extremely common consequences. Early specialization can lead to burnout, overuse injuries, and muscular imbalances to name a few.

KidsFit teaches General Physical Preparedness to set children up for a lifetime of fitness success. KidsFit is broad and inclusive while placing a major emphasis on fun! 


Your Kids will have a blast

With children it's all about movement. They move perfectly until they reach school age. Constant sitting typically ruins their perfect movement. Our KidsFit program focuses on:

  • Functional Movement Mechanics: Squatting, lifting, and pressing. No weight lifting, just movement!

  • Gymnastics

  • Cardio Respiratory Endurance

  • Balance, Flexability and Coordination

  • All disguised as fun games and of course the WOD (workout of the day)



KidsFit Class times

  • 3-6 years old Tuesday @ 6:15PM

  • 7-11 yrs old Thursdays @ 6:15PM

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