We Are A ‘No Gimmick’ Approach To Health And Fitness

After years of working in the fitness industry, we know its shortcomings firsthand.  One-size-fits-all gyms, have failed to deliver the guidance and support necessary to see results.  We started Liberation fitness to break free from the traditional practices and opinions on fitness and health.

Becoming fit and being healthy, is not as difficult as it may seem. Our Coaches will help you understand the optimal way your body should run, feel and move by focusing on your health, nutrition and movement in the gym. Our Workout Of The Day will improve your strength and conditioning, while leaving you feeling accomplished. You will have a great workout every time you step into class. Together, we will guide you down the path to wellness, fitness and longevity.

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Learn more about our coaches and their stories. Find out what lead them to help people just like you live a better. 


What’s Included In My Membership

From Personalized 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching, to Cooking classes, We’re More Than Just a Gym.