National Counsel of Strength and Fitness

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


I have worked in the fitness industry for 8 years with large gym chains, or 'Globogyms' for you Dodgeball fans, as an Operations Manager, General Manager and Area Manager. After helping many people get started down their own path to health and fitness, I became somewhat frustrated seeing people drop off without ever really accomplishing what they really set out to accomplish. Even individuals I connected with a personal trainer, somehow just stopped coming to the gym, never to be seen again. As time went on I began to realize that a lot of the blame for this epidemic, was because the fitness industry as a whole is not set up to support individuals trying to make such a huge life change. Losing weight is a big deal! Eating healthy is a big deal! Making all of those changes at once is a monstrous mountain to climb. Most people simply sign-up and they are on their own, doing countless reps of their favorite exercises to “tone,” spending countless hours doing "cardio," and my personal favorite… eating countless meals made up of chicken, brown rice and asparagus. This is not what being fit and healthy is all about. This is why we decided to open Liberation Fitness. To break free from the thoughts and behaviors that limit people from achieving the results that they desperately need.

    I lost 80lbs in my youth only to gain it back after high school. Sound familiar? I then lost 60lbs in 2007 by hitting the gym 6 days for almost a year. Again, by 2010 all of the weight I lost was completely back despite using the gym consistently. Alena and I got married in 2010, and to this day, I despise the way I look in our wedding photos (Although she looks AMAZING, and that’s all that really matters). In 2012, my wife became a nutrition consultant and our kitchen was dramatically changed over the course of the next few years. My favorite pantry items such as Pop-Tarts, peanut butter Cap’n’Crunch and pasta were replaced by fruits, vegetables and oatmeal. At first this change was… lets just say not great, but as time went on I grew to love the way these foods tasted because I wasn’t being bombarded by the sugar I was accustomed to eating. Couple that with an introduction to CrossFit by my brother, (Thanks Derek!) I was not only 60lbs lighter again, but the weight was staying off and I felt incredible.


    Fast forward to present day, I am leaving the fitness industry that has lead me down so many dark alleys and into a small box gym as an owner and coach to help shine a light on the path to everlasting change. I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and an NCSF certified personal trainer. I use a variety of methods to deliver results including strength training, functional movement, and mobility and flexibility training. All of these are completed at a high intensity that is relative to the individual. Every person has their own baseline and may feel like they are not ready for certain exercises. As a trainer I aim to show that every person can complete an “advanced,” high intensity workout through proper scaling and coaching. Intensity and sound nutritional decisions are what delivers results. How long you stay on the treadmill, how many repetitions you do, and if you have time to meal prep or not does not define your fitness or deliver results.