At Liberation Fitness, we believe in a no gimmick approach to Health and Fitness.  All services are Under one roof- for one affordable price.


After years of working in the fitness industry, we know its shortcomings firsthand.  One-size-fits-all gyms have failed members with the lack of guidance and support necessary to see results.  We started Liberation fitness to break free from the traditional practices and opinions of the industry. Becoming fit and being healthy, is not as difficult as it may seem. Nor can it be achieved in a 90 day program, or 6 week challenge. We aim to liberate you from these trends and show you a path to wellness, fitness and longevity. Having the body you have always dreamed About, will happen along the way.

Liberation Fitness is a community ready to inspire, challenge, and rally behind you.  Our goal is to empower you to  become the best version of yourself.  Our memberships are all-Inclusive. which means No Gimmicks, No "upselling" of any services or supplements, and no bolt on services. You get everything under one roof, for one affordable price! 

We are your total support system!




What is Health Coaching?

   Health coaching is a coaching method that utilizes fitness, healthy eating, and behavioral change to manage and reduce the risk of chronic disease, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and help our members live a healthy, happy, and long life. And of course look great too! Healthy eating and healthy habits are the foundation of results in the gym- without them it is nearly impossible to achieve physical fitness results or optimal health.

Our approach to "Fitness"

   We utilize functional, or natural movements, performed at high intensity to deliver constant and consistent results. The intensity that our clients perform at, is relative to each person based on where they are in their fitness journey.

Every workout can be scaled to meet the needs of the individual. This means that any individual, of any skill level, can jump into one of our small group classes and have a safe, effective workout.