Real People ep. 1 - New YouTube Series

  Real People ep. 1

   As we look around the internet, there is no shortage of experts, Doctors, Trainers, and gurus who have all the answers for fitness, dieting and overall health. We have all of the information we need to be healthy and fit. The real challenge is applying this information into our busy lives. Today we launch our new YouTube Channel for Liberation Fitness. During the coming weeks we will be sitting down with several of our clients to discuss their challenges and successes in living what we call "The Liberated Lifestyle." As you may feel all alone in your journey, think again. There are many individuals that are walking in your shoes. As important as having the information to be successful may be, we believe it is more important to share these real life successes and struggles of your journey so that we can learn from one another and inspire others on their journey. 

   This week I sat down with a wife and mother of four. Jenise has been a member at Liberation Fitness for almost 5 months. She has no problem taking some much needed "me time," to stay consistent in the gym each week. Despite running her household and raising 4 children, getting to the gym is easy for her. Her mindset and relationship with food are where she admits to struggling the most. I get to talk with Jenise daily during class, and I always enjoy her candidness and honesty when it comes to talking about her areas of opportunity. She was gracious enough to sit down on camera and talk with us about some of those areas. Enjoy!

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