Real People Ep. 2 - Expecting mom and hard working husband talk lifestyle change

Real People Ep. 2- Erica and Emmanuel 

   I sat down with Erica and Emmanuel a couple of weeks back to pick their brains about their new lifestyle change. 

Erica, stay-at-home mom, is expecting their second child. As of the day we recorded this sit down, Erica was 5 months pregnant. Her doctor advised her to immediately stop exercise and to not lift anything over 20lbs. Not even their 3 year old son. 5 months later, Erica is still going strong hitting 3 WOD's per week, often with over 80lbs on her barbell. She comfortably has increased her deadlift to 175lbs over the last 5 months as well. Massive! She also has only gained 3 total pounds since becoming pregnant. 

Emmanuel, her hard working husband, is an inspector for the freeways. He spends long days in the sun, on hot asphalt. He has gone from pounding Red Bulls and cigarettes to stay awake, to eating healthy and working out hard in the gym. He is not short on reasons he could use to not live a healthy lifestyle. Despite those reasons, he still pushes himself to maintain an active lifestyle. 

This is a great couple who have worked hard and invested in their health. We talk about their past and current struggles as well as the changes they have made to make their journey a success.