Bachelors in Science - Kinesiology


   Strength is my passion. I live, eat, and dream about it everyday of my life. When I was growing up, I played sports year round, starting with T-ball at age five. Playing sports for over 15 years, I naturally became addicted to physical activity. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in “Exercise Science.” The more I trained and learned different methods of strength training, the more I realized how important proper technique is. I wasted so many years in the gym, training like your typical “meathead,” and injuring my self with bad movement.  Using a foundational approach to strength training through basic functional movements has helped me make a stronger version of myself. However, learning how to “fine tune” your body, takes effort, consistency, and is a constant learning process of trial and error.


   My life experiences have helped me become a better coach through the understanding of my own dysfunctions. Over 13 years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident that left me in a “Halo” with a broken neck, fractures at c3 & c5. It was a crazy “eye opener” experience and I was definitely one lucky dude. I learned how hard it is to heal your body and rebuild your basic day-to-day performance. I have been able to apply the experiences in my own life, into the training of my clients over the years. There is no scenario that is impossible to come back from. I am here to support my clients and show them just how much they can achieve.